To you..


Jual ikan

I am indeed selfish. I cant bear the thought of u leaving first. If i am the one fated to leave, i know u can bounce back and lead a happy and normal life. The memory of me(if there is any) will slowly fate with time with the hustle and bustle of living and moving on.But i dont think i can..cant even think of what will happen to me.

So I pray

Love and nothing but love
Nad Nad
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Chitty chitty bang bang

Yay yay yay. Finally finished watching the big bang theory season 6. I love love the series but I dont like waiting each and every week for it to air. I love to watch all in one or two or three goes. Haha.

My favourite character is essentially (beside Shelly) is Amy. Sometime i can relate her wants and desires of erm let say no 15 to the core. Haha. And the fact that she is quirky yet so endearing most of the time.

My second fave is Raj. Dear dear Raj. Maybe because she is Indian and my sister studies in India. Lol go figure.  Raj's take toward life and every situation is always different from the rest of the casts. Not to mention he is girly most of the time. Girl best friend.

Here is my favourite line in season six

Sheldon: They can't just cancel a show like Alphas. You know? They have to help the viewers let go. Firefly did a movie to wrap things up. Buffy the Vampire Slayer continued on as a comic book. Heroes gradually lowered the quality season by season till we were grateful it ended           

That sums up how i felt about Heroes.

Okie toodles. I just feel like more rants are coming. I can feel it coursing thru the veins nerves blood of my 10 fingers..

Nad Nad

E-day 110813

Just so , as a memento to us . You and me. My family and your family . To be better . Forever and Always

Nad Nad


Sometime I wish for PDA just like other girls..


Friendship frenemeny bff

I have lots of friends. I have been blessed with the ability to make friend with anyone eversince I was small. But sometime i do take those friendships for granted but Alhamdulillah Allah never ceases to remind me how beautiful all those individuals I call my friends and how barren my life would be without them.

I was touched today by a good friend of mine. She was bubbly , very pretty and rich. And she is going away to further her studies in KL. I will be seeing her saddens me but parting is such a sweet sorrow.

i really hope she will be happy there. Become a wonderful specialist. And i promise to forever keep in touch with her. May Allah bless the both of us. Here and the hereafter.

I know she will never read this but i am just hoping that deep down she knows i love her. And i know this is a bit cliche but we are friends forever till jannah

Love, waiting for the clock to struck 9,
Nad nad

Lenggeng melenggeng oh tari lenggeng

Owh boy owh boy I wrote a superlong entry but I haccidentally deleted it. But since i have so many free time with nothing better to do , so dear blogs and my sisters hear me rumble

I was asked by my superior to relief a sick doctor in Broga. Yeah near broga hills. I was quite worried at first because as y'all most prolly already knew I am a good driver , so good that even my dad wore his seatbelt when i drove him to 7-11. But with the help of my friend sh11kin and my dad's instruction I managed to clock in , in record time haha. Guess at what time did I arrive in Broga? 815am. I wasnt expected by the staffs till 830 but being a goody two shoes I entered the clinic compound and wish to see my first pt ASAP.

The clinic is small. A type 3 to 2 I betcha. But with a dental clinic and also its own lab and pharmacy . Staffs are scarce but friendly and nice.

But i bet i will be much much happier if i brought all these together with me. So people if in case you were ordered to relief your colleague in a clinic on the border of Negeri Sembilan and Selangor make sure to be prepared like Sheldon and bring your own emergency kits


1) food !!! Can u imagine the only restaurant open was a chinese nasi auam
Shop and the rest of the tomyam shops were closed. Sigh. Not even a vege shop was in sight. Lucky I brought my oat cookies
2)extension cords. The table was in the middle of a big room. The plugs were yonder and yonder. Beyond the black stump. Sigh. A few times I were caught by patients or nurses leaning against the wall playing with my iphone. I got game to level u people
3) magazines. If i had even a single mag be it urtv or hmm even mangga i will be a happy gal.
4) books !! I cant finished 3 novels here i guess
5) laptops to watch korean drama and movies. Do u think if i have all the above i will be writing useless stuffs here? Lol

Anyways anyways , congrats to all who managed to secure a seat for masters this coming June. Good luck people. The est is yet to come. U just need to persevere..

Love, dying of boredom and in need of human companion in this cowboy town

Nad nad